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Teaching & Learning

CFL Priorities for SY 23/24

Work Plan Overview: The table below will provide an “at a glance” of implementation priorities for this year. 
  Academic Goals Character Culture and Wellness
Multi-Year Impact Goals

CFL will meet Student Growth and Proficiency on the  STAR assessment by demonstrating 63% or more of students have met their annual growth/achievement.
CFl will focus on implementing effective small group instruction by integrating the Daily 3 into all our K-1 Classrooms.
CFL PK teachers will consistently collect data into TS GOLD to  showcase student development and learning.
CFL will foster student leaders who exemplify our Code of Conduct, while becoming prepared to be readers, writers and mathematicians.
CFL staff/students will have a sense of belonging and develop meaningful professional relationships with their colleagues.
2023-23 Performance Benchmarks
(WHAT we want to accomplish)
Star & Wonder Assessments:
  • SOP’s will be used to ensure all staff communicate with students' purpose and expectations of STAR achievement. 
  • Monthly data meetings
  • Monthly Progress Monitoring
  • Students goal setting
  • RTI structure supports student success
  • Flexible Interventions that are personalized to student needs
  • Staff and Student Celebrations
Continue refining CFL Structures & Systems
  • Documents behaviors in spreadsheet to track recurrent behaviors
  • Improve attendance and tardiness
    • Cardinal Club
    • Attendance Meetings
  • Morning and Afternoon Crew
  • Student. Ambassador
  • Increased family engagement
    • Scavenger Hunt-Friday, Sept, 29th 6-7 pm
    • STEM/Science-Friday, Feb 23rd 6-7 pm  
  • All school crew
  • 100% of staff feel welcome, and have a sense of belonging
  • Our  students feel welcome, and foster a love of learning.
  • Student attendance increases by 15-20%
2023-2024 Implementation Priorities
School Systems Improvement:
  • All core staff will teach single content and have more  prep time.
  • All staff will be working with the ‘same’ end-of-year standards documents.
  • Simplified scoring and continuum
  • Implementing grading
  • Staff accountability
  • Staff BLT to meet monthly to lay out , implement, and monitor the staff wellness process
  • Wellness Focus in Weekly Newsletter