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What is Child Find?
Child Find is a partnership between the School District and Mountain Valley Developmental Services. The goal of Child Find is to identify children ages birth to five who would qualify for early intervention services due to developmental delays. Services provided include speech, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.
Children who are not yet in Kindergarten may be referred at any time when a family member, doctor or child care provider has a concern about their development.
For children from birth to three years of age, Child Find teams partner with local Early Intervention Colorado programs who provide service coordination and eligibility determination. Contact Nicole Hills at
Children three to five years old are evaluated as a part of the preschool special education process. Contact Annie Grandorff at
For school age child find contact Denise Rahe at
Director of Special Education, Kristy Slife 970-285-5701 ext. 6112
Studies have proven that early intervention is vital to helping young children and their families.

The link below may provide additional information regarding expected milestones: